Our Team

Stephen Coutts 


As a third generation electrician, Stephen Coutts has been an A grade electrician for 33 yeras. Stephen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge not only for technical expertise, but in the field of problem solving and customer relations that only 30 years in the industry can provide.

Aram Cargil

Systems Management

-10+ years experience in energy efficient strategies are applied to ESLS maintenance. His experience in carbon abatement and energy efficiency  programs makes for optimum energy re-profiling. Aram also has a certificate 4 in training, education and assessment for the ongoing trining and assessment of ESLS staff.

Dean Sinclair

Electrical Operations

As a third generation electrician with extensive experience in all aspects of the electrical industry including 5 industrial, commercial and domestic, installation, maintenance and design, Dean's knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. Dean Sinclair has been involved in the electrical contracting industry for 28 years.

Matt Coutts

Fourth Generation Electrician

As a Fourth Generation Electrician, he became a fully qualified A grade five years ago. As the youngest generation of the Coutts family, Matt has developed with the introduction of energy efficiency and the latest technologies.

Matthew Pate

Experienced A-Grade Electrician

A-grade electrician with more than 15 years experience, pate has move up into a more senior role within the organisation as a site and project manager as well as more senior.

Stuart Brunton

Experienced Electrician

More than 15 years in the electrical field Stuart brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the team. With great leadership skills, Stuart brings an authority to larger project and contract work that brings great benefit to ESLS and our clients.

Brenden Techi


Brendon is now a ver capable 4th year having been with us from the start of his apprentichsip. We hope that he continues with when he become a A-grade.

Corey Walker


Corey is a 4th year apprentice with great promise and enthusiasm as he was pick from over 20 interviewed applicants to join the ELSE crew

Liam Forbes


Liam is the newest member of our team as a first year apprentice. Once again he was pick after extensive interviewing of over 15 applicants.



Lochlan is only a second year but shows great resolve as an electrician. We look forward to his very promising future.

Kayla Wookie


Kayla is another one of our 4th years who's paper work and attention to detail make her a great leading hand on site.