ESLS has an ultimate commitment to safety and compliance.  A number one priority in our works!

ESLS maintains accredited certification in Occupational Health & Safety to AS/NZS 4801. Under IOS 9001. Safety audits/inspections are conducted to ESLS workplaces and independent third party audits of our Safety Management Systems are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance and continuous improvement.

ESLS Electrical Pty Ltd is "work Place Compliant" with the Department of Employment and Certified through the Fair Work Act Build Code. ESLS is also certified through Cm3 for online monitoring and accredited auditing of our OH&S practices. 

We are proud of our safety record and operate all areas of our business to the highest levels of OH&S performance through systematic elimination of workplace risks.

ESLS has a genuine commitment to safety and has established work practices that ensure the company's obligations to the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare act and the Company Safety Policy.

ESLS has robust systems in place around Quality Management and Environmental Management. we are currently working toward accreditation AS/NZS ISO 9001 in Quality and ISO 14001 in Environmental. we envisage achieving certification during 2015. We are committed to minimising the effects on the environment through sustainable environmental practices. In accordance with our policy. ESLS recycles all waste products where possible. 

To help keep our environment safe and mercury out of landfills, ESLS is proud to be a foundation signatory member of the national FluoroCycle scheme and product stewardship accredited. Visit the FluoroCycle website to find out more information about this scheme.